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Tesseract GPGPU Processor

Processes large datasets generically on the graphics card by harnessing it as a parallel processor. Physics demo updates large systems of objects. Included as part of the DarkWynter Stream package. The processor uses multiple passes to run shader instructions against textures. When the processor runs an instructions sequentially, which creates a low-level process stream.  This allows us to map functions from OOP code into a Stream instruction set.

DarkWynter Xna Controller Harness

An override controller system in C# for Xna. It collects input from the Mouse, Keyboard, XBox Analog Controls, and XBox Digital Controls. Also provides key-timers to regulate keyboard input timings. Key/Function pairs are added in override constructor. Key-press events call the associated functions, passing the keyvalue and a user supplied object[] array via EventArg.

DarkWynter 3D Visual-Prototyping Engine

The DarkWynter engine is designed for students, researchers, and industry personnel interested in rapidly prototyping 3D applications. It has been constructed in response to the community's need for a light-weight modular system which can support a variety of research and educational requirements. We provide the flexibility and horsepower necessary to generate 3D applications within the 3-5 months window students have in the semester.