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Billiards Engine - Download

A 3D billiards simulator in OpenGL/C++.

We created this for a Game Engine Design course at UNCC during the spring of 2006. The course was specifically geared towards engine design, hence the lack of game-play elements such as scoring.

Being one of my first projects in C++ and GL, I do not consider the code base to be well designed or optimized. We have some errors in the rebounding due to the naive approach to collision response. This mostly effects "glancing-shots" and systems with low FPS.

The engine is, however, simple to navigate and modify and makes a good intro/demo for basic components of a simple game engine.

Standard Controls

T Top View
G Ground View
A, D Rotate Cue Stick
Right Mouse Shoot
(Click and Hold)
R Re-rack
ESC Exit


Advanced Controls

Left Mouse Rotate Camera
(Click and Hold)
Arrows Move Camera
Shift + Up/Down Elevator Motion
P, F Toggle Wire Frame / Full
M Toggle Cue Stick Rotation Speed