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Tesseract Engine Demo

A highly flexible rapid prototyping system for 3D applications using .Net and XNA.  Supports Xml-based scenegraph, real-time terrain modification, run-time loadable Forms.UserControls plugins, and Gpu-based terrain, physics (sans collision), and rendering.  Override layer provides default/replaceable functionality for most everything.  Data-centric architecture supports Stream-paradigm programming models.  Requires nVidia 6800+.

GPU Objects with Collision and Physics

A two year research project to deliver a framework for interfacing Object Oriented Programming and Stream Based Programming. Based on a C to C++ extension model.


A 3D XNA game and engine from DarkWynter. This is the test bed for the second sub-project mentioned in "GPU Objects with Collision and Physics".


A harnessing took kit for loading and executing glsl shaders. This is the test bed for the first sub-project mentioned in "GPU Objects with Collision and Physics".


A 3D billiards simulator in OpenGL/C++.

Project Utilities

imageCropper.pl < stable >

Uses Perl and ImageMajik to reformat batches of images.
Options are: Resize, Raise, Border, Index Names.
Easy modification.

Website Compiler -< alpha >

Quickly regenerates web pages from sub-files using perl.

We work in the dark
We do what we can
The rest is the art of madness
-Henri James on Philosophy